Fresh Strawberry & Vanilla Charlotte | ⌀16cm

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Strawberry mousse, vanilla bavaroise, strawberry jam, ladyfinger, fresh berries. Made with organic Dalat strawberries and vanilla beans.

No artificial flavors. Less sweet.

⌀ 16cm


Our pastries are handmade daily by a team of passionate French-trained bakers using the best ingredients, from local (organic when we can) fruits, French butter, Belgium chocolate, and are free of food coloring and chemicals.

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Our birthday cakes are made from fresh ingredients with 0 preservatives. They taste best when eaten on the same day. If you can't finish it you can keep it for up to 2-3 days (see expiration date below our cake board).


Our birthday cakes are delivered with ice packs so it can stays outside for up to 40 minutes during the shipping. Once you receive it, always keep them in the fridge between 3 to 5°C inside its box to avoid taking on odors from other ingredients.