Bakes is a French pâtisserie that believes pastry should be like love: exciting, thoughtful, honest. That pastries is a thoughtful opportunity to connect and express love. Whether it's throwing your parents a birthday party, sending your friend a pastry when they're heartbroken, or just sharing a cheese tart at the Turtle Lake.

Our love for pastry is expressed in baking freshly goods every day using natural ingredients, local fruits, designing packaging to stand still and cold so you enjoy your pastry the same way you would in our store, using environmental-friendly packaging like cassava bags that will biodegrade naturally.

Our Kitchen

1 Executive Pastry Chef (Brian), 12 passionate bakers baking 14 hours a day (2 shifts!), 7 days a week for daily fresh baked goods. We bake right upstairs in our flagship, with floor to ceiling window and mirrors for all to see.



You're the face of Bakes and our customer's first interaction. You will represent the brand and assist our customers to find the perfect product and have a good time at Bakes.

Job Description


You're responsible for preparing and serving a wide range of drinks, from coffee, smoothies, to iced teas, using homemade ingredients that we handmade daily.

Job Description


You're responsible for preparing our daily pastries with a team of hard-working and meticulous bakers taking pride in what you do and the quality of our products.

Job Description